As well as pursuing his own art practice Angus also works around Australia teaching printmaking and drawing. Angus has experience teaching people of all ages from adults and university students to high-school HSC workshops and school age children. Angus has been teaching the National Art School's public program etching courses since 2013 and also works as a sessional lecturer in the art school's Bachelor of Fine Art degree.

Angus has experience running both public and private art workshops all around Australia. His experience includes running printmaking workshops in remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, leading drawing workshops at various museums, schools and even hospitals, as well as providing specialist printmaking tutoring for high-school teachers. Examples of Angus' work can be found as part of the Victorian and South Australian High School art curriculum, demonstrating contemporary printmaking practice in Australia. 

Angus works teaching individuals and groups privately as well as teaching courses at several institutions. Please feel free to contact Angus directly for any information or enquiries about upcoming courses or private tuition. Information about upcoming courses can also be accessed via the link below.


 Recent Teaching History


  National Art School - Sessional Lecturer, Bachelor of Fine Art (2016 - current)   

  National Art School - Etching Short Course Tutor (2013 - current)

  Natural History Illustration Workshop Tutor - Australian Museum (May 2017) 

  'Establishing an Intaglio Studio' Faculty Workshop - Our Lady of Mercy College (May - June 2017)

  Drawing and Etching High School Workshops - Fairvale High School (May - June 2017)

  'VADEA' Conference 2017 Workshop Presenter 'Establishing an Intaglio Studio' - National Art School (May 2017)  

  Cabramatta High School - Artist In Residence (Term 3 - 2015)  

  Marylands High School - Artist In Residence (Term 2 - 2015)

  Fairvale High School - Artist In Residence (Term 1 - 2015) 

  Sydney Children's Hospital - Workshop Tutor (2014) 

  Titjikala Art Centre - Workshop Tutor (2012 - 2014)

  Emanuel College - Printmaking Short Course Tutor (2014)

  Australian Museum - Science and Nature Illustration Workshop Tutor (2014)   

  Private Tutor - Drawing/Printmaking (2013 - current) 

  National Art School - Advanced HSC Workshop Tutor (2013)

  South Australian Museum - Waterhouse Printmaking Demonstration Tutor (2013)   


Teaching Material

Found below is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to etching and its basic processes. As well as this document there are also other guides available including an introduction to the various types of printmaking, the conventions of labelling original prints and some diagrams that explain various intaglio printmaking methods. I have written and developed these guides over time and hopefully they will be constantly updated and improved. These guides are available for anybody to view or download whether they are making an etching themselves or simply interested in how the process works. Enjoy.