Angus Fisher



Born in Sydney in 1983, Angus had a passion for art and drawing from an early age. After completing a 3-year graphic design degree in Sydney in 2005 Angus' career in the arts began when he started work as a graphic designer. He went on to work as a traditional mural painter and in 2007 started a Fine Arts degree at The National Art School. This saw the beginning of his passion for the fine arts and, specifically, printmaking. Angus graduated in 2010 with a major in Printmaking, winning several awards. One of these awards, a selected graduate’s show, marked the beginning of his relationship with ‘Australian Galleries’ who he now finds full-time representation with.

Angus exhibits his work regularly as well as teaching printmaking and drawing at the National Art School and other institutions around Australia. Angus work can be found in the collection of The National Gallery of Australia, The Art Gallery of NSW, The National Art School, Australian Galleries Sydney and Melbourne as well as private collectors.


Angus' Work

Angus' art practice deals with traditional copperplate etching as well as ink drawing and watercolour methods. Angus considers himself primarily a printmaker and has a strong attraction towards the evocative aesthetics fused to printmaking’s practical history. Angus works nearly exclusively deals with natural subject matter and through utilizing refined techniques, he enjoys rendering his subjects with a high level of detail in simple, elegant compositions. 

Angus has always held a fascination for the vast amount of art that has attempted to represent, understand and quantify our natural surroundings. He has a particular interest and enthusiasm in naturalist artists of the 18th and 19th Century and the sensibilities of the age of discovery in which they lived. These sensitivities for a world full of wonder and mystery along side precise technical abilities and delicate observation skills are important influences in Angus' art practice. 

“Nature holds the beautiful, for the artist who has sought to extract it. Thus, beauty lies even in humble, perhaps ugly things, and the ideal, which bypasses or improves on nature, may not be truly beautiful in the end.”  

Albrecht Durer (1471 - 1528)


"I thought of the long ages of the past during which the successive generations of these things of beauty had run their course. Year by year being born and living and dying amid these dark gloomy woods with no intelligent eye to gaze upon their loveliness, to all appearances such a wanton waste of beauty. It seems sad that on the one hand such exquisite creatures should live out their lives and exhibit their charms only in these wild inhospitable regions. This consideration must surely tell us that all living things were not made for man, many of them have no relation to him, their happiness and enjoyment's, their loves and hates, their struggles for existence, their vigorous life and early death, would seem to be immediately related to their own well-being and perpetuation alone"
Alfred Russel Wallace - On the subject of Birds of Paradise from ‘The Malay Archipelago’ (1869)

Angus at work in his studio

Gallery Representation

Angus is represented by 'Australian Galleries'. His work can be found in their permanent stockroom collections in both Sydney and Melbourne and is also viewable on the Australian Galleries website. 


"Australian Galleries was established in Melbourne by Tam and Anne Purves in June 1956. Now under the sole directorship of Stuart Purves, and with 15 staff, Australian Galleries continues to represent significant contemporary Australian artists including Jeffrey Smart, Inge King, William Robinson, John Coburn, Garry Shead, Colin Lanceley, John Wolseley, Peter Neilson, Lewis Miller, Peter Churcher and Graeme Drendel, along with an involvement in the estates of George Baldessin, Brett Whiteley, Lloyd Rees and Arthur Boyd."

- Art Directory Australia